7 reasons why you should stay off Indian pavements…

…and walk on the roads instead…

• They are more dangerous. You can see the state of the roads and potholes and all, there is nothing to it. But the pavements are haphazard, risky and you never know when you’ll fall into a hidden hole or trip on something uneven.

• Shops have taken over the pavements for their commercial use and you are morally encroaching upon them when you walk on the pavements. It’s also their personal parking space.

• Dog poop. Dog poop. Dog poop. Wonder why the Indian dogs prefer pavements over roads and trees. Also in some cases, it could be a case of human poop too.

• Most pavements are next to houses and you never know when cleaning water or garbage will fall upon you. That’s another thing: In many places pavements are permanent garbage bins.

• Walking on tar is kinder on your knees than walking on cement.

• During jams, bikers get onto pavements. They will honk furiously and almost knock you down. For some strange reason, you get more respect from them if you walk on roads.

• You are an Indian right? So how can you think of doing anything the right way?

© Sunil Rajguru

4 thoughts on “7 reasons why you should stay off Indian pavements…

  1. Good one. There are few places in India where there is no difference between pavement and a road.

  2. Totally right! Everytime we see a new pavement being constructed we feel happy that someone thought about it, & then we say, let’s wait and see how long it will stick. It sure does take a long time for things to change around!

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