10 things I’d like to see end in 2010…

The Kasab Saga
Punish him. Release him. Hang him. Extradite him to Pakistan. Let him write his autobiography. Make a Bollywood film on his life. Give him all the kebabs he wants. Whatever! Let’s get it over with and move on…

Andhra Pradesh Imbroglio
In 2009 YSR died in a plane crash. Then there was the Telangana crisis and the Tiwari tapes bang at the end of the year. I think the state deserves some nice peace and quiet this year. Needed is a firm hand from the Centre.

Swine Flu Alarm
Let’s just treat this like any other disease, please!

Commonwealth Games Drama
OK, here’s one that will come true! The Commonwealth Games are ending in October 2010. (Unless it goes to England at the last moment and we host it in 2014. Delhi will collapse under the controversy. Or maybe a new long-drawn controversy will begin after the Games end. Sigh!)

BJP Infighting
Vajpayee went. Advani is gone. Rajnath is gone. OK, can we begin a new chapter and have a sane two-party system in the country again? Let’s see how the Nitin Gadkari-Sushma Swaraj duo fare vis-a-vis their own partymen in 2010.

Obama Hype
He’s a great talker with great ideas. But I don’t want to hear another speech. I’d like to see the world changing because of him. The Hype has ended. People want Action. (I personally think India is worse off and more at danger thanks to the Af-Pak strategy)

Pak-US buddy-buddy statements
Pakistan is our best friend in the fight against terrorism and we are paying them x-billion dollars. Yawn!

The R word
Hope Recession well and truly ends by the end of 2010 and we generally have some good economic news.

Over the top TV News
I think this is too much to ask for. It will probably get worse in 2010.

Isn’t Nicolas Sarkozy the President of France and Carla Bruni the First Lady? Isn’t Silvio Berlusconi the Prime Minister of Italy? They’re political leaders right? Then why do I keep reading more of their personal lives? And why is the Indian media bothered anyway?

© Sunil Rajguru

3 thoughts on “10 things I’d like to see end in 2010…

  1. Nice one. But I think this list could be endless.. MJ – may he rest in peace! Madonna – I really don’t care if she is single again. Bollywood stars endorsing hair oil to pens- are there no models in a billion odd people? etc..

  2. A good wishlist. I’m desperate to see the Commonwealth games happen as scheduled as that’s our only hope to see Delhi (and Gurgaon) getting cleaned and rubble free. …snooping into the lives of known names was a Western (mostly American) thing but our Media too is unnecessarily getting charmed with that useless idea and cluttering our papers/channels with either Obama turning to look at a woman’s legs or Woods giving more bandwidth to women over his game…are these our businesses at all?

  3. Vijay: Yeah, if you had to give a wishlist to news channels, the list would be endless.
    Jyoti: I guess the way post-Asiad Delhi was great, it will be so post-Commonwealth. Till then grin and bear it. And as far as News bandwidth goesm 90% is blocked by utter nonsense.

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