The 10 deadly Corona Truths

corona-4938929_960_720#1 School was created not to educate children, but because parents can’t handle their children sitting at home all day, picking their brains to nothingness and demanding food on the hour every hour and generally getting on their nerves.

#2 Nuclear family is not suited for the modern age. We would all rather jump into our mobile screens and be blissful and alone.

#3 Collaboration tools are enough to run most departments and do meetings, make plans and discuss important things. International travel is way over-rated. We can do without the airlines industry.

#4 There are essential services and certain stuff where presence on the ground is required. Everything else can be simply WFHed, maybe to the tune of billions.

#5 Netflix, Amazon Prime & OTT rules when you have tonnes of work.
Netflix, Amazon Prime & OTT rules when you have absolutely nothing to do.

#6 You get that sinking feeling that you really maybe be redundant one day. A combination of AI, ML, drones, driverless cars, robots and Robotic Process Automation can take over the world. Maybe Hollywood wasn’t wrong after all.

#7 The chief enemy of mankind is not disease or inequality, but boredom. We all need to just pass time, no matter how productive or unproductive it is. Boredom can kill in the long run.

#8 We can do much more with less. And we can even prosper doing it.

#9 There is no concrete civilization, absolute truth or settled life. It can all come crashing down with the click of a finger.

#10 The rich don’t care. They have it really good. The middle class can survive anything. It is always the lower classes that suffer in normal times and abnormal times.