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March 4, 2016,

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February 15, 2016,

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October 28, 2015,

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October 5, 2015,

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October 5, 2015,

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October 5, 2015,

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September 28, 2015,

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September 10, 2015,

10 reasons why we shouldn’t have talks with Pakistan…
August 24, 2015,

10 reasons why Kalam was the coolest President
July 28, 2015,

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July 17, 2015,

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July 13, 2015,

Why is Modi, media going soft on the Dynasty?
July 10, 2015,

Vyapam: Murder is a joke in India!
July 7, 2015,

10 Padma awardees deserving a Bharat Ratna
June 24, 2015,

India could soon be ‘least corrupt’ nation
May 27, 2015,

11 abysmal lows of the Aam Aadmi Party
May 12, 2015,

The many questions over AAP’s death rally
April 25, 2015,

4-stage rocket Pappu relaunched yet again
April 21, 2015,

Yes Bose, not Gandhi, gave us freedom!
April 14, 2015,

The many talents of Mr Ambedkar
April 14, 2015,

We’ll even attack women to get at Modi!
April 14, 2015,

9 ways in which Nehru was a bad pioneer…
April 13, 2015,

Right to malign Modi a fundamental MSM right
April 13, 2015,

The ugly truth: India loves its dictators!
April 4, 2015,

Show-off New Delhi gets a show-off CM
April 2, 2015,

Vague cocktail of woman empowerment & hypocrisy
April 1, 2015,

Hello Kejri, what about Delhi?
March 24, 2015,

Five duds of Kapil Sibal
March 24, 2015,

Congress and the illusion of control
March 17, 2015,

Why can’t we call Manmohan corrupt?
March 13, 2015,

Why AAP = Akela Arvind Party
March 11, 2015,

Why February Kranti is no August Kranti!
February 21, 2015,

Why do Indians rejoice when Obama insults India?
February 16, 2015,

How Kejriwal has become the new Lalu!
February 14, 2015,

Bahut acchhe din! 8 reasons why BJP lost
February 12, 2015,

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February 10, 2015,

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February 2, 2015,

Open Letter to Jayanthi Natarajan
January 31, 2015,

AAP = Kejriwal’s I, me and myself
January 30, 2015,

On the 4th-gen dynasty’s 40-year misrule…
January 27, 2015,

When will media balloon around Kejriwal burst?
January 260, 2015,

Rise of the outsiders in Indian politics
January 21, 2015,

8 last laughs of Subramanian Swamy…
January 13, 2015,

Goodbyes of 2014
January 1, 2015,

International obituaries of 2014
January 1, 2015,

A to Z of Janata Pariwar
January 1, 2015,

7 global trends for India in 2014…
January 1, 2015,

2015: Kashmir’s year of hope
December 24, 2014,

10 Smriti Irani controversies in 2014
December 22, 2014,

9 #BlowToModi moments after he became PM
December 22, 2014,

Is 2014 the year that the Congress party died?
December 22, 2014,

Best and worst of 2014
December 21, 2014,

Narendra Modi’s 10 hits of 2014…
December 15, 2014,

Saradha: A scam that covers almost every field
December 15, 2014,

A to Z of political extinctions in 2014
December 12, 2014,

2014: When they should’ve attacked Congress
December 11, 2014,

31: Number of the year for Modi haters
December 10, 2014,

Mo’ White and the 11 dwarves
November 19, 2014,

The new politically Bimaru club
November 18, 2014,

Meet India’s four great dictators
November 15, 2014,

5 bad ideas for Indian elections…
November 12, 2014,

10 pieces of Vadra notoriety
November 3, 2014,

Pawar checkmates Sena yet again
October 28, 2014,

7 mistakes of Uddhav Thackeray
October 21, 2014,

100% Modi bags two hat-tricks…
October 21, 2014,

7 points to note in the October elections…
October 20, 2014,

10 controversies of Shashi Tharoor…
October 13, 2014,

Why does India worship its criminals?
October 8, 2014,

Dozens of politicians in jail soon? Possible!
October 8, 2014,

Get Modi wrong a million times? Keep talking!
October 3, 2014,

Mahatma Modi to Adolf Hitler
October 2, 2014,

Panneerselvam: Why remote controls are disasters
September 29, 2014,

BJP set to conquer Maharashtra?
September 26, 2014,

Who is the worst CM of India?
September 14, 2014,

7 things you should know about the Bharat Ratna
July 31, 2014,

Sania, Saina, Sonia and silly trivia!
July 30, 2014,

6 court cases involving the Sonia-Rahul duo
July 25, 2014,

Bangalore rape: Go after those who cover up crime
July 24, 2014,

The hat-trick that ruined West Bengal…
July 3, 2014,

National Herald case: The end of Sonia Gandhi?
June 29, 2014,

Everybody loves black money in India!
June 23, 2014,

Yes, it’s Left wing extremism!
June 18, 2014,

Can India become a US$10 trillion economy?
June 16, 2014,

Seven would be PMs who died young…
June 9, 2014,

A packed Ambassador with two girls in the boot!
June 5, 2014,

The A to Z of the Telangana journey
June 2, 2014,

2014: Fall of a dynasty and other lessons
June 1, 2014,

PM Modi’s 100-hour report card
May 30, 2014,

5 who made it big without the Lok Sabha…
May 28, 2014,

Indian Fascism and other definitions
May 26, 2014,

The A to Z of AAP dramas and controversies
May 24, 2014,

6 reasons why BJP may grow even stronger
May 24, 2014,

A chaiwallah beats all the dynasties…
May 23, 2014,

8 things you should know about India’s Left
May 23, 2014,

Regional players: Going, going, gone…
May 22, 2014,

5 ways people are still rubbishing Modi’s win
May 21, 2014,

Gujarat Model already implemented in New Delhi
May 20, 2014,

Narendra Modi’s acceptance speech…
May 19, 2014,

7 reasons why Modi’s campaign succeeded…
May 19, 2014,

Arvind Kejriwal: The boy who was afraid
May 19, 2014,

7 reasons why the AAP lost everywhere
May 19, 2014,

Which was India’s ultimate ‘wave’ election?
May 18, 2014,

6 reasons why the Congress may be finished
May 17, 2014,

Now it’s Nehru, Indira and Modi!
May 16, 2014,

Seven positives of general elections 2014
May 14, 2014,

5 problems with the 2014 general elections…
May 11, 2014,

This is India’s social media decade!
May 10, 2014,

Will the Sangh Parivaar be ‘Modi-fied’ on May 16?
May 8, 2014,

Modi versus Kejriwal: The real battle’s online!
May 5, 2014,

7 urgent questions for Priyanka Vadra!
April 30, 2014,

Seven reasons why Nehru was a bad first PM
April 30, 2014,

5 things the Congress could have done differently…
April 29, 2014,

5 possible reasons why Priyanka isn’t contesting
April 28, 2014,

Can you rig the polls in India today?
April 27, 2014,

Five reasons why Pappu will be a disastrous PM
April 26, 2014,

How Modi emerged as the great unifier
April 26, 2014,

Beware! The Fascist dictator riseth!
April 26, 2014,

And just who is Priyanka Vadra anyway?
April 24, 2014,

2014: The most participatory election ever!
April 23, 2014,

The battle of status messages goes offline!
April 22, 2014,

Six reasons for Nitish’s sudden collapse
April 22, 2014,

AAP: Under siege from within
April 22, 2014,

Misogynist politicians: Roll of dishonour
April 12, 2014,

Five reasons why opinion polls may be right in 2014
April 7, 2014,

Six firsts if Modi becomes PM…
March 31, 2014,

Diary of a rabid Modi hater…
March 25, 2014,

Leadership SWOT analysis: Arvind Kejriwal
March 24, 2014,

Leadership SWOT analysis: Rahul Gandhi
March 24, 2014,

Leadership SWOT analysis: Narendra Modi
March 11, 2014,

10 priceless Kejriwal U-turns
March 20, 2014,

The Advani era ended in 2004
March 20, 2014,

AAP, the chargesheeted party
March 19, 2014,

How everybody really loves Modi
March 10, 2014,

The BJP falls right into the AAP trap
When AAP attacked BJP headquarters…
March 6, 2014,

Manmohan, the butcher of India’s national security
March 3, 2014,

7 contradictions tearing the party AAPart
February 26, 2014,

14 more gaffes, misses and failures of Sushilkumar Shinde
February 25, 2014,

Any politician at fault? Just blame Modi!
February 25, 2014,

10 reasons why Manmohan is the worst PM ever…
February 23, 2014,

Maximize LS seats, everything else be damned
February 17, 2014,

Seven things that went wrong for Arvind Kejriwal
February 15, 2014,

7 reasons why AAP may yet return in Delhi
February 15, 2014,

The Congress’s missteps in Andhra Pradesh
February 10, 2014,

Narendra Modi in black and white
February 9, 2014,

8 great Pappu nautankis
Rahul Gandhi and his dramatic symbolism
February 5, 2014,

The 5 types of Narendra Modi haters
February 4, 2014,

Sharad Pawar: The ultimate Paltiwal
February 3, 2014,

5 fallouts of the Pappu interview
…with Arnab Goswami
February 1, 2014,

Boy, we really hate our girls!
Why do our netas keep rubbishing women?
30 January, 2014,

10 things propelling Modi to the top
29 January, 2014,

What Pappu actually said in his interview…
…with Arnab Goswami
27 January, 2014,

AAP’s 7 mistakes to cover one
The Somnath Bharti affair
15 January, 2014,

If this is AAP education, give me illiteracy!
21 January, 2014,

Dharnas to anarchy: AAP’s gifts to Delhi
20 January, 2014,

Six hurdles to AAP’s Mission 2014
The Delhi scenario will not be repeated…
15 January, 2014,

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Change seeker, Liberalization dude..
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Six achievements of the UPA 2
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14 January, 2014,

Six things the AAP got right
Not the tariff reductions
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He’s indirectly helping him…
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8 reasons why the AAP is now An Aam Party
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They are a hyped up party…
09 January, 2014,

Voila! AAP is exactly like all other parties!
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08 January, 2014,

Seven things to learn from the Congress
They have mastered the art of ruling…
7 January, 2014,

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It’s still bouquets for Pak & brickbats for India
Nothing much has changed despite Obama’s visit

6 ideas to promote women’s cricket in India

silhouette-3378576_1280Had India won the 2017 Women’s World Cup, then there would have been great celebration in the nation. Social media would have been ecstatic and the prize money, sponsors and jobs would have flowed like water for our women cricketers.

There might even have been an open bus city rally to welcome to them and the images would have been played on TV for days on end inspiring a generation of budding women cricketers. The way 1983 launched the ODI revolution and 2007 launched the T20 revolution, 2017 may have well launched the women’s cricket revolution.

But that was not to be and the opportunity seems to have been lost. But maybe not! The 2017 edition received great attention, higher TRP ratings and trended big time on Twitter. Why not take this interest and carry it forward?

Here are some ideas to make women’s cricket in India even more popular…

1. Launch a women’s IPL in 2018: Millions were glued to TV sets during the WWC and the likes of Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet Kaur became household names. In fact Harmanpreet’s semi-final knock of 171* is one of the best of all time even if you include men’s ODIs. Smriti Mandhana also caught the imagination of Twitter at the beginning of WWC.

The time is right to launch a women’s IPL in 2018. The infrastructure and format is in place and what’s the point of having the most cash-rich board in the world if you can’t launch such tournaments?

The women’s IPL would unearth greater talent and keep women cricketers in the limelight every year instead of every four years. In fact in the 2013 edition we got eliminated early and by the time most people realized a WWC was going on, India were already out.

Since the men’s IPL is in the first half, you could keep the women’s edition in the second. IPL founder Lalit Modi had visualized two IPLs a year and that can be realized in this fashion.

The T20 WWC takes place in November 2018 and it would be great if the BCCI could fit in an IPL just months before that.

2. Aggressive promotion of women’s series: Did you know there have been six women Asia Cups? Did you know that India has won all of them, giving no chance to the likes of Pakistan and Sri Lanka? We are already a colossus on the sub-continent, but just haven’t been able to translate that globally.

Did you know that 19-year-old Deepti Sharma blasted a 188 in the Quadrangular in South Africa just before WWC? The problem is that the BCCI’s efforts at promoting women’s cricket have come a cropper in the past.

We have to now increase the ad campaign budget and push for all the international series that women play aggressively. It shouldn’t just be a once in four year affair. The T20 WWC takes place in West Indies next year and that should receive great coverage.

3. A high-profile coach: Why shouldn’t a Ravi Shastri or an Anil Kumble or a Virender Sehwag coach the women’s team? What’s wrong with that? Women’s team should also have a high-profile Head Coach and a coaching staff that rivals the men’s.

4. Hike the salaries: The total prize money for the 2013 Women’s World Cup was $200,000. For the men’s version in 2015, it was 50 times more at $10 million. They rectified that a bit in 2017 and the women’s cup in 2017 had $2 million in total prize money.

Still, Yusuf Pathan, Robin Uthappa and Dinesh Karthik each got more than that for a single IPL season! While games like lawn tennis have worked out the parity between the men’s and women’s game, cricket is a long way away from that.

We need a better contract system for the women players and definitely much more money.

5. Bettering the Test-Ranji ecosystem: The men’s team has played more than 500 Tests. In contrast the number is just 36 for women! The Ranji Trophy is also a strong tournament for men’s First Class cricket. But the focus is more on the shorter formats and the three-day version for women.

Domestic cricket needs a women’s IPL and that’s for sure. However there is no harm in strengthening First Class cricket for women too. Women’s cricket in India is treated on an ad hoc basis and maybe we need a White Paper to change it through and through.

6. Many more inter-school/college tournaments: Boys start playing cricket at an early age and there’s no shortage of coaching camps and inter-school/college tournaments for them. In contrast the opportunities are limited for the girls.

The BCCI doesn’t need to for the men’s version, but maybe it should start getting into organizing inter-school and inter-college tournaments. In fact last year the then BCCI President Anurag Thakur had talked of starting something which he called the University League.

Well women’s cricket needs that more than the men’s version!

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