Sinking global media musings…

According to sources*.
According to experts*.
According to people*.
According to polls*.
According to morality*.
* = me.

When there’s a colossal information overload then each person chooses his own bubble universe.
We have reached that stage.
Multiple realities.

BBC-CNN are Lefty anti-Trumpers.
Yet Lefty Corbyn-Sanders call them Fake News.

He who laughs last, laughs the longest.
TV news channel remix…
The channel that shouts the longest laughs all the way to the bank.

Trump and media war is escalating fast.
But then only the US President has unlimited resources and power.
Suicidal move by media.

Republic of India launched 104 satellites at once on a single rocket.
Republic TV will launch 104 panelists at once on a single TV screen.

Social media owners will never learn.
Their severe anti-Modi anti-Trump bias keeps backfiring yet they keep targeting Modi-Trump supporters.

Statement: We will filter Fake News.
Translation: We will do Censorship to propagate our Ideology.

For media whatever Obama did was right and whatever Trump does is wrong.
That’s why Obama became so mediocre in the end and Trump doesn’t care.

If the media is going to attack every little thing Trump does then he’s going to do absolutely anything he wants, isn’t he?
So in the end media becomes a toothless watchdog.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Yet more global Communism musings…

Capitalism built the modern world.
Communism* almost succeeded in destroying it.
*Synonyms: Socialism, Leftism, Liberalism, Civil Society.

Largest democracy. #India
Greatest historical empire. #England
World’s sole superpower. #US
All rejected Communism.
#Modi #Brexit #Trump

Why not…
Leftist Obama.
Far Left Hillary.
Leftist Media.
Far Left Sonia.
Leftist Dems.
Far Left academics.
Why only qualify “Right”?

Fascism practically died in 1943.
Nazism died in 1945.
Communism though, lives on in the hearts of Socialist politicians, Liberals and media.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s biggest role model was Karl Marx.
So why should anyone be surprised at the Marxism of Jawaharlal Nehru University?

Capitalism built the modern world.
Communism* almost succeeded in destroying it.
*Synonyms: Socialism, Leftism, Liberalism, Civil Society.

Marx abused Capitalism while his friend and patron Engels made money from business.
Leftists still follow this model.
Abuse Capitalism but make good money from it.

A Berlin study says 92% Left-wing activists live with their parents.
Even Karl Marx did no work and sponged of his friend Engels.

#Brexit #Trump has unmasked the true violent intolerant anarchic nature of the Global Left.

The Left’s permanent message to the people of the world…
Tu silent ho ja varna main violent ho jaaunga!
#FoS #FoE

They are desperately trying…
Make America Left-leaning Again.
Make India Left-leaning Again.
Make the World Left-leaning Again.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Bad politics still has its takers in India

Only in India can a politician give zero development zero governance and still arrogantly take the high ground and demand votes on the basis of caste and religion.

The Theory of Secularelativity.
Anyone next to Modi is squeaky clean secular.
Even the Shiv Sena if they manage to edge out BJP.

Very difficult to gain political power in India.
But after getting it, very difficult to be wiped out.
You get umpteen comeback chances.

Amazing how our Liberals-intellectuals-media still give so much respect to zero development zero governance Jungle Raj goonda Lalu.

Go by results, not intentions.
By results, Manmohan’s UPA was the most corrupt in India’s history.
He enjoyed all the perks of power.

Spot the difference.
A Prime Minister in a plastic raincoat.
A remote control in a plastic cover.

If trillions of Rupees of scams happen under Manmohan, it’s not his fault.
But if law and order breaks down under Akhilesh, it’s Modi’s fault.

Golden Rule.
You can abuse Modi 24X7 for 15 years but permanent walkout if he takes a dig at the most corrupt government in India’s history.

Instead of saying every poor UPwallah should have bedsheets, Pappu wants Obama to use Made in UP bedsheets.
Tells you what’s wrong with Congress.

Whenever Congress says “Rajiv computer laya”, add, “kyunki Indira na la saki”.
ENIAC came before Independence.
PCs came in the 1970s.

Whenever Congress says “Rajiv computer laya”, add, “kyunki Indira na la saki”.
ENIAC came before Independence.
PCs came in the 1970s.

Political power is hereditary and spreads by genes.
It is also contagious spreads to those in close proximity to people in power.

So many top women politicians.
So little who are not part of a Dynasty.
That itself tells you the problem.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

And they still can’t stop Trump

Abusing Trump-Modi = Freedom of speech.
Supporting Trump-Modi = Abuse.
Defending Trump-Modi = Trolling.
Voting Trump-Modi = Dictatorship.

Every global Liberal, activist, NGO, media house, intellectual… is barking at Trump.
There’s nothing brave in it.
Brave is a celebrity defending him.

They couldn’t beat him as a political novice.
Using the same lame stale tactics they’re trying to beat the most powerful man in the world.

Incredible England.
Okay with Jihadis setting up permanent base on home soil.
Not okay with head of state of biggest ally visiting them.

Trump Haters totally unaware that evil Russian Communist Empire collapsed in 1991.

January 20 sunrise Climate Change was a colossal problem.
By sunset the problem had been sorted out.

Trump greatest.
Trump worst.
Modi greatest.
Modi worst.
Contradicting extremes flourish simultaneously.
Debates have become meaningless.

People still don’t get it.
It’s better to have a Trade Doctrine (Tillerson) than a War Doctrine (Hillary).

I think the Liberal-Left lobby is yet to reach “Peak Outrage”.
They’ll try to make 2017 very stormy indeed.

If the Dictator doesn’t get elected, then the Dictator will not accept the verdict and the Dictator’s supporters will go on a violent rampage all across the country and get full support from the Dictator’s ecosystem.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Raj karenge Pappini aur Pappu

Work experience zero.
Talent zero.
Charisma zero.
Ideas zero.
Government expenditure on her tremendous.
Husband dubious.
Pappini the Great.

She may look a bit like Indira.
But she talks like Pappini.
And has far less experience than even nausikhiya Pappu.

Nehru created democracy.
Indira created economy.
Rajiv created technology.
Sonia created society.
Pappu will create Utopia.
-Book of Congress.

ISRO: We launched 104 satellites at one go and were successful!
Congress: That’s nothing! We’ll launch Sonia’s satellite 104 times and still fail!

Pappu has to perform just 1% for Congress leaders to dance on one leg.
Modi has to perform 99% for his haters to absolutely plaster him over the missing 1%.

Critic to Pappu: Your mother, father, grandmother and great grandfather responsible for mess.
Congressis: OK, let’s protest against Modi’s mother.

Rajiv humiliated Manmohan.
Sonia humiliated Manmohan.
Pappu humiliated Manmohan.
Next in line was Pappini.
Modi jumped the queue.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Tamil Nadu politics theatre of the absurd

If Amma had OPS, don’t worry…
Chinamma has EPS.
Both ensure UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) even when jailed.

But Palanisamy has Sasikala’s legacy.
And Sasikala has Jaya’s legacy.
And Jaya had MGR’s legacy.
And MGR had Anna’s legacy.
And Anna had Periyar’s legacy.

The nominee of the friend of the late Chief Minister is far more powerful than the popular choice and till recently sitting Chief Minister.

Alternating Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu…
1991-2001: Karuna-Jaya-Karuna-Jaya.
2011-2017: Jaya-OPS-Jaya-OPS.
2001-11: All 3.
Palanisamy breaks the trend.

SC sacks Sasikala.
Sasikala sacks OPS.
At this rate Tamil Nadu will sack ADMK.

Had Manmohan done an OPS, he too would have been set aside.
But he would have got tremendous respect and UPA looting would have been more difficult.

OPS is Acting Chief Minister.
Sasikala is acting like a Chief Minister.
Manmohan wasn’t even acting like a Prime Minister, but puppet.

Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers of just 2 odd months…
1. Jaya.
2. OPS.
3. Palanisamy.
Almost: Sasikala.
Will 2017 see yet another?

Sasikala is really ill.
She, like hundreds of politicians before her, has an acute case of convictitis.

Tamil Nadu’s theme song…
OPS I did it again!

So both New Delhi and Tamil Nadu fail to get their third woman Chief Minister.
#KiranBedi #Sasikala

1. TN Governor suddenly has great foresight.
2. Swamy always has the last laugh.
3. What if Jaya had been alive?
4. Rajinikanth entry?

Power in Tamil Nadu is AC and not DC.
(Alternating Chief-minister)

First Dynasty meant descendants.
Then spouses and relatives.
Now it covers “friends” too.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru