Mr Kejri is super clean…

Jethmalani defends smugglers, scamsters and murderers.
Now he is defending Kejri.
But no connection between the above.

Leader of Opposition on Twitter.
Chief Activist in New Delhi.
Mogambo within the AAP.
National “Finger Pointer”.

Kejriwal is an Odd character who’ll get Even with the citizens of Delhi even though they’ve voted for him.

123456th piece of AAP irony…
Kejri calls Modi psychopath.
Waves finger threateningly. Blasts Jaitley.
Modi keeps quiet, Jaitley quietly goes to court.
Kejri: जेटली जी हमें डराने की कोशिश ना करें!

Modi ne darake Kejri ko Lalu ke paas bheja.
Jaitley ne darake Kejri ko Jethmalani ke paas bheja.
So much climate of fear!

Lalu: Convict.
Sonia: Accused.
Kejri: Iska bhi number aayega.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

More #‎SoniaRahulHazirHo‬ #NationalHeraldScam musings…

If Pappu breaks traffic rule and cop fines him, he’ll disrupt Parliament.
Headline will be…
BJP-backed Delhi Police derails GST and reforms in India.

Herald a new dawn for National pride!

Congress most consistent party.
Arrogant in power.
Arrogant in Opposition.
Arrogant throwing people in jail.
Arrogant while going to jail.

Congress President ashamed by appearing in court.
Premier newspaper headline has snatches of … “Cong celebrates” “tears into Modi” and “vendetta”.
Welcome to La La Land!

If and when Sonia is convicted, Congress will demand a Bharat Ratna for her supreme struggle against vendetta and intolerance.

The party which threw thousands in jail without a trial is frothing at the mouth at just the beginning of a simple sessions court trial.

#‎Bail‬ ho ya ‪#‎Jail‬,
Congressi bolega ‪#‎Hail‬,
Aam junta bolega ‪#‎Fail‬,
Hai in the Congress coffin final ‪#‎Nail‬,
End of ‪#‎Tale‬.

Sad times.
Court summoning is a triumph against vendetta.
Bail is a triumph.
No matter what sordid deed you do, it’s a triumph.

If becoming an accused and appearing in court is so noble then I guess most Congress leaders won’t mind following that path in the years to come.

The four stages…
1. Indian National Congress (Freedom movement).
2. Indian National Congress (Political party).
3. Congress (Indira).
4. Congress (Sonia).

C,O,E—Reserved for future generations.

Instead of fighting for 2019, the Congress is still fuming over 2014.

Indira comeback vs Sonia comeback…
Then: Indira most popular.
Now: Modi most popular.
Then: Indira 153 Lok Sabha seats.
Now: Sonia 45 seats.
Then: Jail without case.
Now: Solid case first.

GST to unko hataana hi tha,
‪#‎NationalHerald‬ to sirf ek bahana hi tha.

Whether Pappu decides to go to jail or not will be decided solely on whether Tihar has TV with Chhotta Bheem or not.

“I am the law”…

1. Dredd.
2. Arnab.
3. Sonia.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

#SwamyTheGladiator musings…

Woh press conferences main pareshaan karte rahe,
hum courts main kaam karte rahe.
—Swamy on Kejri.

The Curious Case of Subramanian Swamy…
Friend of Rajiv, enemy of Sonia.
Friend of Modi, enemy of Vajpayee.
Both friend and enemy of Jaya.
Both ally and enemy of Hegde.

Subramanian Swamy has attacked Vajpayee (BJP), Hegde (JD), Raja (DMK), Jaya (ADMK) and many media figures apart from Congress leaders.

Swamy is a stooge of Modi allege a 1000 stooges of Sonia.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

They will blame Modi till the end of time…

Welcome to La La Land.
Court finds no evidence to even charge Modi.
He’s guilty!
Sonia is an accused.
She’s triumphant!
Lalu is a convict.
He’s our hero!

Why doesn’t Modi file defamation suits against all those who abuse him 24X7?
If he did that then he’d be in court every working day of the year!

Celebrity: “Don’t vote for Modi” “Don’t vote for Modi…” x∞
Hey wait! You can’t say “Don’t watch my film”/”Don’t buy my book”!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru