Modi haters and award returners…

1975-88: Khushwant Singh supported “Emergency” with all its “violence” and his “intolerance” led to “banning” of Satanic Verses.
2015: Writers blast “intolerance”, “violence”, “banning” and “Emergency” like situation at Khushwant Singh Litfest.

“Idea of India” in 5 easy steps…
1. Praise Dynasty.
2. Get benefits in return.
3. Rubbish opposition.
4. Rubbish Hinduism.
5. Cry victim when exposed.

All Adarsh Liberals/Modi Haters should first declare their…
1. Lutyens Bungalows.
2. Posts given to family.
3. Total government junkets.
4. Congressi relatives.
5. All other government perks received.

We are returning the awards to Modi with the hope that Modi will return the Prime Ministership to the Dynasty.

The awards nautanki trilogy…
Fellowship of the Awards.
The Two Towers of Sycophancy and Hypocrisy.
Return of the Awards.

Finally Sonia gets a scheme named after her…
Sonia Gandhi Award Lautao Yojana.

Nayantara Sehgal—A member of the dictatorial Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty that destroyed India.
Finally gets her 15 minutes of fame by calling someone else a dictator.

Perfect symmetry…
Congress government gives its sycophants awards.
These sycophants return award to anti-Congress government.

Na khaoonga na khaane doonga.
Na sacch bolunga na sacch bolne doonga.
—Modi Hater.

Nehru’s niece attacks enemy of Nehru’s granddaughter-in-law.
Is that surprising? Is that news?

Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but names will never hurt me.
We will cover name calling 24X7 and if someone calls us names on Twitter, we will outrage 24X7.
—Indian media.

So it’s clear that Adarsh Liberals and Modi Haters hibernated for one year after 16-5-2014 and then came out with all guns blazing.

Unknown and unheard of worthless government award winners are suddenly becoming famous and renowned by returning their awards.

Modi is like an Australian team which met Kenya in the World cup final (2014 polls).
Alas it’s still as if only Netherlands, Canada, Bermuda etc are challenging him.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty always creates a mess. Others always clear it.

Nehru put too much focus on dams and industries and totally neglected defence and agriculture.

Shastri set that right. He won a war and laid the foundations of the Green and White revolutions in his short stint.

Nehru founded a ridiculous license raj and a pseudo-Communist State that went totally bankrupt in 1991, so much for his underperforming government owned industries.

Narasimha Rao cleared that mess by introducing Liberalization and transforming India’s economy.

Vajpayee took forward his good work.

The stage was set for Sonia to come and ruin India yet again and make a mess again via 10 years of UPA.

Now Modi is clearing that mess and one is sure that when he succeeds and finishes his Swachh Bharat campaign, an anti-incumbency wave will set in and Pappu will become PM to make his own mess.

Then someone will come and clear Pappu’s mess and pave way for Priyanka Vadra’s descendants to take over.

Ad infinitum.

Ad nauseum.

© Sunil Rajguru

With great power comes great…

spiderman-2375803_640With great power comes great responsibility.
— Spiderman.

With great power comes great stupidity.

With great Pawar comes great profitability.

With great power comes great dacoity.

With great power comes great destructivity.
— Kejri.

With great power comes great gullibility.
—The so called powerful Indian electorate.

With great power comes great mediocrity.

With great power comes great absurdity.

With great power comes great crudity.
—Manish Tiwari.

With great power comes great hostility.
—Pakistan army.

With great power comes great illegality.
—Chargesheeted MPs.

With great power comes great anonymity.
—Twitter troll.

With great power comes great irrationality.
—Indian media.

With great power comes great manipulability.
—A Raja.

With great power comes great mendacity.

With great power comes great nudity.
—Sunny Leone.

With great power comes great partiality.
—Lutyens Club.

With great power comes great unacceptability.

With great power comes great negativity.

With great power comes great unaccountability.
—The babu.

With great power comes great verbosity.
—Manish Tiwari.

With great power comes great illogicality.

With great power comes great frivolity.

With great power comes great moronity.
—Most party spokespersons.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

More Modi-media musings…

If he’s silent—>Why?
If he speaks—>What’s the use of just speaking?
If incident handled perfectly—>1000 incidents in India to blame him. Pick any one. Repeat.

Media playing Name-Place-Animal-Thing…
Name: Modi.
Place: Godhra.
Animal: Cow.
Thing: Modi’s____
(Game on since 2002)

2004-14—Attack 1+ crore people but spare 1.
2014- —Attack just 1 person and his supporters and ignore 1+ crore.

© Sunil Rajguru

Indian definitions…

Liberal = Not liberal.

Intellectual = Not intellectual.

Secular = Not secular.

Academic/historian = Propagandist.

Troll = A person with an opinion who is not a liberal or intellectual or secular or academic or historian or part of this support group.

Editor = Sales head of a media organization.

Innocent till proven guilty = “Innocent even after proven guilty” if you’re part of the Lutyens Club or its support group. For opponents it’s “Guilty even after proven innocent”.

NGO = PPO = Personal Profit Organization.

Communist = Rich capitalist wearing expensive poor looking clothes.

Corruption = Capitalism.

Honesty = A spoke in the wheel of capitalism.

Civil society = Uncivil society.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

When 100 years of Gandhi-Nehru came to an end…

ghandi-1267827_6401915—Mahatma Gandhi came to India and then headed the freedom struggle till 1947.

1947-64: Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

1966-77, 80-84: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

1984-89: Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

2004-14: Supremo Sonia Gandhi.

That’s a whopping 100 years (1915-2014) of a Gandhi/Nehru in charge or in waiting!

Mahatma came from South Africa and began it.

Sonia came from Italy and ended it.

© Sunil Rajguru