Modi bashing enters its 14th year…

Translate—Mob mercilessly kills man in Akhilesh’s lawless Uttar Pradesh.
Adarsh Liberal—Modi is a Fascist dictator.

Beef bans, censorship, minority woes…
2014- —Amplify 24X7.

For any crime …
A. Local police have failed. OR
B. Their boss politicians have failed. OR
C. State Home Minister has failed. OR
D. Chief Minister has failed. OR
E. All of the above.
Adarsh Liberal…
F. Prime Minister has failed.

After retirement Modi should become UN Secretary General.
Then Modi haters can blame each and every little thing that goes wrong in the world on him.

2011—Akhilesh becomes CM, crime increases.
2012—Crime increases.
2013—Crime increases.
2014—Crime increases.
2015—Crime increases.
Wait, now we can blame the PM!
Activate outrage! Sparta!!!

Rumour against Sonia—Silence.
Case against Sonia—Silence.
Megascam in Sonialand—Silence.
Rumour against Modi—Sparta!!!
Rumour proved totally false—Silence.
Next rumour against Modi—SpartaX2!!!
Rumour proved totally false—SilenceX2.
Next rumour against Modi—SpartaX3!!!
Rumour proved totally false—SilenceX3.
Ad infinitum.

Adarsh Liberals coming out with anecdotes about Hindutva titled…
Beef Soup For The Soul.

Sonia’s UPA sees 2G, Coalgate, AugustaWestland, Section66A…
Media adores her.
Today any citizen does anything in India, Modi is hammered.

At the end of the day Akhilesh, Azam and Mulayam must be having a good laugh and saying, “We destroyed UP and Modi is being blamed!”

Talwars investigated.
Talwars chargesheeted.
Talwars tried.
Talwars convicted.
Outrage—They’re innocent!
No conviction (because) no trial (because) no chargesheet (because) no evidence, only shrill baseless allegations.
Outrage—He is guilty!

The Golden Principle…
If a Communist spews hate, it is Freedom of Expression.
Anyone disagreeing with the Left will be dubbed a Right-winger spouting hate speech.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru