Latest Modi political musings…

Head of most populous nation: Xi.
Head of largest democracy: Modi.
Head of sole superpower: Obama.
Head of largest religion: Pope.
All together together in one place.
What’s cooking?

Top 5 scams of Manmohan…
1. 2G.
2. Coalgate.
3. CWG.
4. Cash for votes.
5. AugustaWestland.
Top 5 scams of Modi…
1. ‪#‎ArnabGate‬.
2. Name on suit.
3. Rs 10 lakh suit.
4. Louis Vuitton shawl.
5. Crying in front of Zuckerberg.

Level 1: Congress spokespersons fighting with anonymous trolls.
Level 2: Sambit Patra blasting absentee Pappu.
Level 3: Sushma trashing Sonia in Lok Sabha.
Level 4: Modi relaxing with his tanhai.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru