Congress senior leadership exam…

Congress senior leadership exam…

Q1—Write a 1000-word essay on Dynasty founder Motilal.

Q2—Write a 1000-word essay on how Nehru was the greatest world leader ever.

Q3—Write a 1000-word essay on how Indira was the greatest female world leader ever.

Q4—Write a 1000-word essay on how Sanjay was totally misunderstood in the Emergency.

Q5—Write a 1000-word essay on how Rajiv brought computers, the Internet, mobile telephony, modernization, corporate success, the Space Age… to India.

Q6—Write a 1000-word essay on how Sonia saved India from communalism and fanaticism.

Q7—Write a 1000-word essay on how Pappu will take India to the 22nd century within 100 days of taking over as Prime Minister.

Bonus question…
Write a 100,000-word essay on how Modi is more terrible than Hitler.

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Ye caste system nahin to kya hai?


Party president ka beta* party president…
Motilal, Jawaharlal, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Pappu (next).

Pradhan mantri ka beta Pradhan mantri…
Jawaharlal, Indira, Rajiv, Pappu (next).

Chief Minister ka beta Chief Minister…
Hemwati-Vijay Bahuguna, Shankarrao-Ashok Chavan etc.

Foreign Minister ka beta Foreign Minister…
Khurshed Alam Khan & Salman Khurshid.

Minister ka beta Minister…
Pilot, Scindia and sons etc.

Back CMs like…
Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq (son) and Omar (grandson).
(Even if you want to topple Farooq, use his brother-in-law and make him CM.
Basically it has to be all in the family!
Hasta khilta Congress Pariwar, Hum Saath Saath Hai!)

*Or whichever relative is available.

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Colombo Test musings…

Michael Clarke thrashes England 5-0 in Ashes.
Wins 2015 ODI World Cup and within months he trails England 1-3 and retires.
With same standards Team India would have a captain every 6 months.

Beta tum Rahane do,
Tumse na ho payega!

Since he was absent in the last Test, Murali Vijay gets out for a duck at Colombo to express solidarity with Indian batsmen who crashed at Galle.

At Galle, Team India appeared to be winning for the first two days.
Change of strategy at Colombo.
They’ve decided to lose from Over 1.
‪#‎IndVsSL‬ #Colombo

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