Lord’s Test match report…

England on the Matt at Lord’s. Indians Cooked their goose with a Ballanced all-round performance. Alarm Bells were ringing in the dressing room as they got out to horrendous Stokes. They will have to bring about Broad-based changes and get to the Root of the problem. Same tactics will work no more. Now a grim reAlity stares England in the face. Such a defeat by India would have been discussed even by our parLiament. As for the last ball of the match, one can only quote the Matrix
You hear that Mr Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death… Goodbye, Mr Anderson…

(Reference: India-England Second Test, 2014)

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Lord’s Test victory musings…

Charles Dickens on Ishant Sharma…
He was the best of bowlers, he was the worst of bowlers, he had a mind of wisdom, he had a mind of foolishness, his bowling was the epoch of belief, his bowling was the epoch of incredulity, he was the season of Light, he was the season of Darkness, he gave his fans the spring of hope, he gave his fans the winter of despair…
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Captain MS Dhoni is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest collection of victory stumps in the world.

Rohit ka majaak udaaya: ODI 200 maara.
Jadeja ka majaak udaaya: Sir ban gaya.
Ishant ka majaak udaaya: 7-for@Lord’s.
Ab kiska majaak udaane waale ho?

A tale of three Sharmas…
Ishant on the field.
Rohit on the bench.
Anushka in the pavilion.

Strange Twitter…
Ishant took 7.
Bhuvi took 6.
Rahane hit a ton.
Vijay belted 95.
Sir Jadeja dazzled.
And Virat Kohli is trending!

Indian bowlers treat the innings like a video game…
Level 1—Top order—Easy to dismiss.
Level 2—Middle order—Average.
Level 3—Tail—Very difficult.

(Reference: India-England Second Test, 2014)

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