Yet more NaMo musings…

The media turns everyone into such a Hero that they eventually become a Villain.
#Pappu #Nitish #Kejriwal
The advantage with Modi is that they turned him into such a Villain from Day 1 that he eventually became a Hero for many.

NaMo’s Mission2014 diary…
Nitish self-destructed. <Check>
Advani self-destructed. <Check>
Pappu self-destructed. <Check>
–>Kejriwal self-destruct sequence initiated.

Vajpayee: 1980s hardliner, 1990s moderate.
Advani: 1990s hardliner, 2000s moderate.
Modi: 2000s hardliner, 2010s moderate?

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The full form of Arvind Kejriwal…


This AAP AAP is rapidly deteriorating into a Tu Tu Main Main

Superfast progress…
1885: Congress formed.
1947: Calls to disband Congress.
2013: AAP formed.
2014: Calls to disband AAP.

What they said…
Kejriwal will overtake NaMo.
What happened…
Kejritards have overtaken Namotards.

History has seen Blackshirts and Brownshirts.
Now we should start calling AAP vigilantes as Whitecaps.

AAP Governance 1-2-3…
1. Ensure safety of Indian women by molesting Ugandan women.
2. Protest Delhi Police when they get it right for a change.
3. Protest law and order situation in Delhi by breaking law and order.

It just hit the ceiling in New Delhi…
Congress + AAP = (C)ong(R)essA(AP).

Now showing in New Delhi…
(Governance se) Bhaag AAP Bhaag!

Jitni shaurat kisiko 20 maheene main nahin mili, inko 20 ghante main mili.
Jitna bad press kisiko 20 maheene main nahin mila, inko 20 din main mila.

AAP–>Aam Aadmi Party.
Khaas Aadmi Party–>KHAP.
Finally for its supporters…
Khaas Logon ka Political Dal.

What’s the difference between Gandhi Topis and Aam Aadmi Topis?
Pahale waale pahante hain, doosre waale pahanaate hai.

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AAP musings…

AAP = All-ideologies All-isms Potpourri.

The AAP National Policy is like a Free and Open Source Software which Arvind Kejriwal himself won’t be able to control and which will change month to month.

Aam Aadmi Party’s media coverage…
Aam ke aam guthliyon ke daam!

My hugging Kejriwal has resulted in Zero Loss of votes for my party: Sibal.
Same here: Kejriwal.
Vote for AAP = Vote for Congress.

Anna Hazare: Lokpal!
Arvind Kejriwal: Jokepal!
Kejriwal: Our internal Lokpal has found him not guilty.
(Ah! You mean internal Jokepal?)

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Congressi dynasty musings…

The Infinity Loop of Inaction…
Pappu: I am ready to do what the Congress wants.
Congress: We are ready to do what Pappu wants.

The symbol of Indian politics should be Two Hands.
One Hand holding the Hammer and Sickle.
The other Hand holding the Broom.

The diminishing Pappu…
2010: Likely successor to Manmohan.
2012: Likely challenger to Modi.
2014: Likely lost it to even Kejriwal.

The dynasty (Sonia) wrecked UPA2.
Solution: Get more dynasty (Pappu).
Failed again.
Next solution: Get even more dynasty (Priyanka).

The Congress is toying with the idea of making the wife of a humble farmer with a simpleton brother their PM candidate.

Priyanka would be the worst PM ever.
The only choice we’ve known that she’s made is marrying Robert Vadra.

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Why they want to join the AAP…

AAP joining form…
Are you a…
a. Separatist.
b. Naxalite.
c. Modi hater.
d. Communist.
e. Poor gullible middle class citizen.

Arvind Kejriwal should first hold a referendum within the party in order to decide what referendum should be held among the people.

Q: Do you have an app for how you allocate coverage?
Media: No, right now we only have an AAP.

Another AAP (Aam Aadmi in Pakistan) loves AAP’s Prashant Bhushan’s views on Kashmir.

AAP ko lag raha hai ki AAP aam ke majboot ped pe baithe hue hai.
Par AAP ko media ne chane ke jhaad pe chada diya hai.

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The many forms of AAP…

Aam Aadmi.
Aam Separatist.
Aam Naxal.
Aam Industrialist.
Aam Anarchist.
Aam Mob Member.
Aam Opposition Politician.
Sab ka swaagat hai!

Spot the difference…
Haryana: Khap Panchayat.
Delhi: AAP Panchayat.

Delhi media’s current song…
Saare shahar main AAP saa koi nahin, koi nahin…

Fact 1: AAP’s No. 1 plank = Anti-corruption.
Fact 2: Congress has maximum cases of corruption.
Fact 3: AAP won’t act against Congress.
Hence final agenda: Modi Hatao!

Congress ke Cage main, BJP ke liye Wall.

Merge AAP with the Congress.
Make Priyanka President.
Make Kejriwal the PM candidate.
Problem solved.
UPA3 back with a bang…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru