The AAP dharna drama…

Kejriwal claim: Main Delhi Police ki chutti karoonga.
Reality: Maine Delhi policeman ki chutti okay kar di.

When AAP shuts shop as a political party, it can re-register itself as a drama company or agitation event management company or TV PR or…

Kal peon Kejriwal sahab ke liye chai thandi laayega to woh dharna pe jaayenge.

Evolution of Kejriwal…
2011: August Kranti to send corrupt to jail.
2014: January Dharna to save vigilante minister who broke rules.

Congratulations New Delhi!
You are now in proud possession of a Chief Moral Vigilante who will police you 24X&7!

Khoda pahaad (Delhi Police should come under our control), nikli chuhiya (a couple of cops to go on leave).

A: This Delhi Police is totally out of control, does what it wants, it’s almost like anarchy!
B: What’s the solution?
A: Why, hand it over to that anarchist Kejriwal!

Section 144 according to AAP…
Not less than 144 people should assemble in one single place of protest.

Modi: Main Rajdharma karoonga.
Pappu: Main Raj…duhh???… karoonga.
Kejriwal: Main Rajdharna karoonga.

If Kejriwal becomes PM, he will hold a dharna in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan every day and hence rid the nation of all evils.

Kejriwal: Chargesheeted MPs/MLAs are a disgrace for India!
CM & MLA Kejriwal chargesheeted.
First beat them in polls, then join them in crime!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru