The many forms of AAP…

Aam Aadmi.
Aam Separatist.
Aam Naxal.
Aam Industrialist.
Aam Anarchist.
Aam Mob Member.
Aam Opposition Politician.
Sab ka swaagat hai!

Spot the difference…
Haryana: Khap Panchayat.
Delhi: AAP Panchayat.

Delhi media’s current song…
Saare shahar main AAP saa koi nahin, koi nahin…

Fact 1: AAP’s No. 1 plank = Anti-corruption.
Fact 2: Congress has maximum cases of corruption.
Fact 3: AAP won’t act against Congress.
Hence final agenda: Modi Hatao!

Congress ke Cage main, BJP ke liye Wall.

Merge AAP with the Congress.
Make Priyanka President.
Make Kejriwal the PM candidate.
Problem solved.
UPA3 back with a bang…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru