Successive annual agenda for Modi haters…

2002: Modi will be sacked any time now.

2003: How has Modi not been dismissed by now?

2004: NDA has gone—Modi should step down as CM.

2005: Modi will get indicted/chargesheeted any time soon.

2006: Just a matter of time before Modi goes.

2007: Modi will never get re-elected in the absence of polarization.

2008: Modi has no moral authority on the CM’s chair.

2009: Pappu is the next PM, no BJP leader will ever come close.

2010: Modi is finished. The End.

2011: Modi cannot even dream of becoming PM.

2012: Advani will never allow Modi to be PM.

2013: BJP will never announce Modi as their PM candidate.

2014: Kejriwal will split votes and prevent Modi from becoming PM.

© Sunil Rajguru

2012-13 Cricket Columns

India’s overseas Test debacle has no end in sight
It’s 0-9 and counting…
31 December, 2013,

Cricket India: The best and worst of 2013
Rohit, Sreesanth, Srinivas…
30 December, 2013,

World Cricket: The best and worst of 2013
Ashes, sledging, rankings…
30 December, 2013,

2013: Best year for Team India ever
Statistically the greatest
28 November, 2013,

Sammy saves the Windies yet again!
The sum is greater than the parts
25 November, 2013,

Will India-SA Africa rivalry also collapse?
Last 3 series tied at 1-1 each
22 November, 2013,

7 failures of Sachin Tendulkar
For one, was he a selfish player?
22 November, 2013,

Sachin’s last Test & the 8 batsman oddity
There were records galore
November, 2013,

Thank God Sachin is retiring!
The media always made him eclipse others
November, 2013,

Where’s the retirement party for 4 seniors?
Zaheer. Bhajji. Sehwag. Gambhir.
9 November, 2013,

Has India become vulnerable against spin?
Last 3 Test series point that way
9 November, 2013,

India’s new order rises in all formats
More than ready for life without Sachin
9 November, 2013,

Slam bam, thank you ICC!
10 reasons for increasing 300+ scores
3 November, 2013,

World is not enough for Kohli
Greatest chaser ever?
3 November, 2013,

SA continues its dream Test run
The 3rd “Greatest” team ever
30 October, 2013,

The many lives of Rohit Sharma
Flop till 2012, hit in 2013
21 October, 2013,

Here’s to our 75th 300 in 17 years!
Mohali witnessed the landmark
20 October, 2013,

How many cricketers will retire?
Starting with Sachin Tendulkar
2 September, 2013,

8 coincidences and ironies of Indian cricket
From Sharjah to Sir Jadeja…
20 August, 2013,

DRS caught BCCI bowled Ashes
It needs a major overhaul…
13 August, 2013,

Rasool case: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!
Even when the BCCI got it right…
05 August, 2013,

8 things wrong with the BCCI…
Whether Srinivasan goes or not…
02 August, 2013,

Why Bhuvi could be a long-term player
Let’s hope he doesn’t go like the other quicks…
15 July, 2013,

7 reasons why Dhoni is a great leader
Humble, unconventional, great manager…
12 July, 2013,

Action replay for India after 28 years
On the Champions Trophy win…
29 June, 2013,

Is Dhoni our greatest player ever?
He is in a league of his own…
24 June, 2013,

7 surprises of the Champions Trophy
Fielding is the biggest one…
18 June, 2013,

Dhoni: A strange but successful captain
There must be something about him…
18 June, 2013,

Leave ‘em Duckworth-Lewis alone!
It’s the best method used so far
17 June, 2013,

Why this is the mother of all scams…
It involves one and all…
17 June, 2013,

8 professions still open to the match fixers
Politics, business, writing…
3 June, 2013,

There is no hope for the BCCI!
They have reverted to the past
2 June, 2013,

6 ways to reduce match-fixing
Desperate measures are needed
30 May, 2013,

This is the IPL’s 9/11 moment
It’s bigger than the 1990s scandal
30 May, 2013,

Board of Control for Conflict of Interests
Indian cricket is a crazy world
23 May, 2013,

Top 3 controversies of every IPL
They just keep coming…
21 May, 2013,

BCCI knows that scandal will be forgotten soon
People have a short-term memory
21 May, 2013,

The A to Z of IPL6
Adam, bookies, CSK, DC…
20 May, 2013,

10 Dravid achievements that got eclipsed
A great always in the shadows
19 May, 2013,

Rajasthan’s love affair with cricket turns sour
The Lalit Modi effect
18 May, 2013,

10 ugly truths about match-fixing…
For one, the fixer always gets away
17 May, 2013,

Bhajji always has the last laugh!
Despite his many controversies
17 May, 2013,

The A to Z of Sreesanth
He is the God of controversy
16 May, 2013,

It’s like a quadruple century in an ODI match!
Gayle’s 175 is simply phenomenal
24 April, 2013,

Aussies, welcome to the Whitewash Club!
Now all Test teams have gone down post-2000
27 March, 2013,

It’s painful to watch Sachin struggle like this
He should have quit long back
25 March, 2013,

Has Team India recovered from the crash?
Alll top teams siffer thus
21 March, 2013,

The art of thrashing weak teams
India is finally getting it right
21 March, 2013,

Why on earth is he Sir Ravindra Jadeja?
And why certain things just stick
20 March, 2013,

Dhoni begins his second innings in style
He was down and out as Test captain
19 March, 2013,

GenNext has done what old guard couldn’t!
We are looking at our first genuine whitewash
19 March, 2013,

The curious case of the vanishing quickies
Almost 20 have made their debut after Zaheer
11 March, 2013,

Will India complete its first 4-0 whitewash?
We have never acheived such a feat
05 March, 2013,

Dhoni takes India out of the ICU
He has done it again and again…
27 February, 2013,

Team India’s selection still curious
We won the Chennai Test despite that
27 February, 2013,

Team India begins from rock bottom again
On the Australia Test tour
18 February, 2013,

India have unearthed two great talents
Thumbs up for Bhuvneshwar & Shami
28 January, 2013,

2012: The year of the visiting Test team
When home bastions just crumbled
30 December, 2012,

Why India needs a great coach in 2013
Fletcher has been a total disaster
30 December, 2012,

2013: A very uncertain Indian Test team
Nobody is sure of their place

30 December, 2012,

Spare a thought for Zaheer Khan!
Has he virtually retired?
24 December, 2012,

Cricketer of the year: Virat Kohli
He’s come up trumps in all 3 forms
24 December, 2012,

2012: Sachin’s worst year ever
He carried his bad form from 2011
18 December, 2012,

How the BCCI keeps rewarding failure
And failure breeds failure
17 December, 2012,

A tale of three home defeats
Will this one lead to a change too?
17 December, 2012,

Cricket: The best and worst of 2012
Of England, Lanka, Windies…
14 December, 2012,

The curious case of Mohinder Amarnath
Dhoni has been attacked for the wrong reasons
13 December, 2012,

5 Indian captains with great debuts and bad ends
From Wadekar to Dhoni
10 December, 2012,

Indian cricket has hanged, needs a restart
Will the BCCI finally wake up?
9 December, 2012,

7 things you may not know about the No.1 Test team
The South Africans are really something
7 December, 2012,

Where is the Test batting talent?
It’s there at the Ranji level!
3 December, 2012,

Sachin vs Ponting: Who’s the greatest?
That is in terms of victory statistics
30 November, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Ricky Ponting
He was a player of many shades
29 November, 2012

India sticks stubbornly to the losing formula
The BCCI hates change
26 November, 2012

Sehwag is an overseas wizard too
His slump started a few years ago
23 November, 2012

Should Sachin make way for younger blood?
He has been failing for too long
19 November, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Azhar
He had his highs and lows
9 November, 2012

8 quick fixes Indian cricket needs
Team India continues its decline
17 October, 2012,

A West Indies revival? Don’t count on it!
The T20 victory is a flash in the pan
17 October, 2012,

Monsoon hits Windies after 33 years of drought
A well deserved T20 WC victory
08 October, 2012,

King Kohli now rules all 3 realms
He has arrived in the T20 scene too
05 October, 2012,

Team India has still a lot to cheer about!
One negative has nullified all the positives
05 October, 2012,

Team India stuck in a time warp
The 2007 strategy was still being used
03 October, 2012,

India favourites for the T20 World Cup
A number of factors will help India
14 September, 2012,

Tendulkar is well past his sell-by date
He’s been out of sorts for a couple of years
03 September, 2012,

India’s new Fab 4 have to get in fast
The Under-19 champs shouldn’t be left to rust
29 August, 2012,

Every Test captain has beginner’s luck
From Dhoni to Clarke to Misbah
28 August, 2012,

The true champions of Test cricket
The South Africans are the most consistent
21 August, 2012,

India’s best chance to claw back to the top
The ICC Test No. 1 ranking is up for grabs
21 August, 2012,

VVS: Greater the challenge, greater the man
He was the king of the fourth innings chase
19 August, 2012,

Wanted: A T20-powered globalization drive
The only way “minnows” can compete
26 June, 2012,

The badshah of Bollywood extends his domain
SRK finally tastes IPL success
28 May, 2012,

“Last minute” Dhoni strikes again!
CSK qualifies in the nick of time
20 May, 2012,

Of great chases and changing hairstyles
Some IPL snippets…
09 May, 2012,

6 disadvantages of the IPL
Despite its successes some things rankle
02 May, 2012,

Coming soon: A 36-run over
IPL is seeing some lusty hitting this year
26 April, 2012,

A country for old men
IPL continues to be a good retirement home
14 April, 2012,

Ajinkya Rahane’s time has come
He deserves a place in Team India again
14 April, 2012,

Is IPL just bad news for Shahrukh Khan?
Controversies ever since KKR was formed
14 April, 2012,

The controversies are back!
You just can’t keep them out of the IPL
10 April, 2012,

3 fixes the IPL needs…
Will CSK get a hat-trick?
04 April, 2012,

Is Kallis the greatest Test player ever?
He is the perfect all-rounder…
31 March, 2012,

The Mad Max Trinity
Sehwag, Dhoni and Kohli…
29 March, 2012,

7 reasons why we are crazy about cricket
India and cricket are a perfect fit
27 March, 2012,

Bangladesh: A bright future in ODIs now
They shouldn’t be disheartened by the Asia Cup loss
23 March, 2012,

The greats of the greatest era
That era lasted from 2007-11
21 March, 2012,

8 question marks for Sachin’s all-time great status
…before he can be called The Greatest
19 March, 2012,

King Kohli strikes yet again!
This young gun keeps raising the bar
19 March, 2012,

Time for Sachin to go
He should call it a day in ODIs
17 March, 2012,

Dashavatar: The many remarkable forms of Sachin
A look at Ten roles he has donned
16 March, 2012,

Who will replace Rahul Dravid?
The BCCI faces a really tough task
09 March, 2012,

One of the most graceful retirements ever
Rahul Dravid walks into the sunset with his head held high
09 March, 2012,

Is Rahul Dravid India’s greatest Test batsman?
He’s the best at converting runs to victories
08 March, 2012,

Sri Lanka: The best second best team around
They just can’t make it to the top
08 March, 2012,

10 great fight backs since 2000
From VVS to Virat
04 March, 2012,

Peak before the IPL and crash after it
It happened in 2010 and 2011
04 March, 2012,

Virat is the right choice
He has the potential to be a great captain
02 March, 2012,

The Great Chasers
India can lay claim to be the greatest
01 March, 2012,

Gambhir: The Wall of the shorter formats
He’s been there especially in WC finals
29 February, 2012,

Virat Kohli: The new King of the victory chase
321-3 in 36.4 overs is simply amazing
28 February, 2012,

Team India’s report card: XI in Decline
Bad form is epidemic with Team India
25 February, 2012,

8 suggestions to improve Tests
The 5-day format needs a major booster shot
07 February, 2012,

Anyone can be No. 1! Anyone can be whitewashed!
So world champions England lose 0-3
07 February, 2012,

Beware, lightening can strike thrice!
India should guard against complacency
31 January, 2012,

Why do greats just hang around?
Planning a retirement is a tricky process
31 January, 2012,

0-8? Not on Sunil Gavaskar’s watch!
Some still think he’s India’s greatest Test batsman
30 January, 2012,

Australia remains the final frontier
So near and yet so story was usually the story
28 January, 2012,

Will Sehwag’s luck triumph at Adelaide?
Fortune is the only thing that could help India now
23 January, 2012,

Indian Test cricket needs shock therapy…
Some short-term and long-term suggestions
17 January, 2012,

Indian cricket’s bust and boom cycles
How every boom is followed by a crash
17 January, 2012,

Leave Team India alone, BCCI
How BCCI has been flogging the Team India horse
17 January, 2012,

The deja vu series…
India’s tour of Aus is just like 2007-08
11 January, 2012,

Is it time for Team India to retire the Big 3?
Maybe time to honour them and move on…
09 January, 2012,

India’s biggest Test crisis ever
Something is seriously rotten in the State…
06 January, 2012,

2012-13 Sify Columns

10 random wishes for 2014
2014 will be a watershed year…
31 December, 2013,

World: The best and worst of 2013
Pope, Snowden, Mandela…
31 December, 2013,

Goodbyes of 2013
Obituaries of the year…
31 December, 2013,

India: The best and worst of 2013
A series of year-enders…
31 December, 2013,

7 myths about Arvind Kejriwal
Not so middle class after all…
31 December, 2013,

11 lessons learned from Dhoom 3
Aamir goes totally commercial…
30 December, 2013,

2013: A year in disasters
From India and the world…
30 December, 2013,

2013: Annus horribilis for Indian mainstream media
Social media rising…
30 December, 2013,

10 sound bites of 2013…
Tejpal, Modi, Pappu…
27 December, 2013,

Six Devyani conspiracy theories…
It is a curious case indeed
24 December, 2013,

Bitter truth: India, US ain’t friends
It’s time we stood up to them…
23 December, 2013,

We can murder, you can’t underpay: US
The double standards of America…
20 December, 2013,

Our message to America: Please treat us like shit!
Of Devyani Khobragade and Modi…
18 December, 2013,

5 changes since the 2012 anti-rape agitation
There is reason to hope now…
17 December, 2013,

Deepika Padukone creates the Rs 1000 crore club!
With four superhit films…
09 December, 2013,

Five lessons from Kejriwal’s stunning debut
AAP performance is a watershed…
09 December, 2013,

2013: The year Congress totally lost it
The slide began in 2011…
09 December, 2013,

2013: The Year of Narendra Modi
It was NaMo all the way…
09 December, 2013,

Congratulations,you are now a revolutionary!
The second Indian revolution…
06 December, 2013,

2013: A year in terror
From Patna to Nairobi…
05 December, 2013,

AAP: Ruler, spoiler, kingmaker or self-destructor?
Anything is possible…
02 December, 2013,

Why we’re all going crazy over Tejpal
He’s getting more coverage than Modi
01 December, 2013,

Tehelka scandal in a montage of quotes
From the incident to beyond…
30 November, 2013,

Why the idea of Tehelka is dead and buried
Difficult to recover from this blow
28 November, 2013,

Any verdict on Aarushi-Hemraj is a failure
Everyone is shown in bad light
24 November, 2013,

7 deadly sins of Tehelka
Operation Cover-up…
25 November, 2013,

How a sexual predator messes up the entire office
And why Tejpal had many sins not one
24 November, 2013,

8 questions over the Tehelka sex scandal
Tejpal and Shoma have much to answer for
22 November, 2013,

Reign has ended, not Anand
Here’s hoping for a comeback!
22 November, 2013,

Tehelka as a metaphor for what’s wrong
It represents the rot in society
21 November, 2013,

Padma Bhushan for world beaters…
Bharat Ratna for cricket!
17 November, 2013,

6 mistakes of Mahatma Gandhi
Netaji, Nehru, Kashmir…
15 November, 2013,

A-Z of political newsmakers
A for Amit, B for Baba, C for CAG…
12 November, 2013,

Godhra responsible for Indian Mujahideen?
Think again!
11 November, 2013,

30 rebels against the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty
From Netaji to JP to Jagan…
06 November, 2013,

Indian newspapers artificially propped up
A look at how that happens…
06 November, 2013,

Narendra Modi’s 7 unifying themes
How he shed his divisive image…
06 November, 2013,

Something is rotten in the State of Bihar
It’s been downhill in Terror for a year…
04 November, 2013,

Son of the soil trumps shahezaada
Modi beats Pappu hands down…
01 November, 2013,

7 leaders who could have shut out the dynasty
From Netaji to Rao…
30 October, 2013,

Anti-Modi camp keeps upping stakes
Constantly from 2002
30 October, 2013,

BJP throws down its trump card
NaMo is all they’ve got
07 October, 2013,

Tribute to the Indian politician…
The most tenacious of species
05 October, 2013,

8 failures of Manmohan Singh
Worst PM in our history
27 September, 2013,

5 reasons why Pak’s Kashmir claim is impossible
They’ve been on weak ground since 1947
27 September, 2013,

Political analysis failing since 1999
Why do opinion polls get it so wrong?
18 September, 2013,

Arun Jaitley the dark horse for 2014
If BJP don’t have numbers to push Modi
18 September, 2013,

The A to Z of Narendra Modi
Amit, Bhatt, Cong, Development…
17 September, 2013,

8 failures of Barack Obama
He’s fallen well short of his speeches
4 September, 2013,

Modi’s 12 steps towards the PM’s chair
Such a long journey from 2002!
13 September, 2013,

How it always ‘stings’ the BJP more
The Cong is usually spared…
4 September, 2013,

The good, the bad and the ugly of the UPA…
The lost decade…
27 August, 2013,

An entrance exam for Indian politicians…
A sample question paper…
20 August, 2013,

The truths our editors hide
Confessions of a desk jockey
20 August, 2013,

2 sides of the coin on Independence Day…
India’s good and bad…
15 August, 2013,

6 PR disasters of Nitish Kumar
It all started with the special package
12 August, 2013,

2014: BJP will either be dead or revived
A look at various scenarios
05 August, 2013,

How Nehru cultivated the cult of the dictator
The nation has adopted his personality
30 July, 2013,

5 observations on the Amartya Sen controversy
Why is he peddling the Cong agenda?
26 July, 2013,

10 reasons why people are scared of Modi…
…becoming Prime Minister…
24 July, 2013,

MSM guidelines I seem to have missed…
Some unwritten rules of the media
18 July, 2013,

My slow journey off ‘offline’
One by on bastions crumbled
17 July, 2013,

“Modi should be burned…”
Congress party’s worst speakers
13 July, 2013,

10 question marks over Ishrat Jahan
Is the true target only Modi?
08 July, 2013,

10 question marks over the food bill
It’s the biggest in Independent India
07 July, 2013,

Sadly, Bihar’s no Boston
We always reply in the same cliched way
07 July, 2013,

Don’t worry, Modi is ‘just’ about to be nabbed
…running for 11 years now
04 July, 2013,

Current Indian politics explained…
…in cricketing terms
27 June, 2013,

Modi’s ‘Rambo act’ is bad piece of journalism
That is the primary issue
26 June, 2013,

Why I support Modi
(Despite the opposition)
21 June, 2013,

Who are you calling fascist, Mr Ramesh?
How the Congress is fascist…
15 June, 2013,

8 reasons why the BJP is hated
Some are beyond their control…
13 June, 2013,

8 reasons why I still admire Advani
Only his last days have been bad…
11 June, 2013,

10 things that Modi has already achieved…
Already the rules have changed…
10 June, 2013,

The four stages of Modi’s rise
From 2002 to now…
9 June, 2013,

The Modi juggernaut has finally begun
The BJP finally gets its act together…
9 June, 2013,

Not Third Front but Third PM candidate
Modi and Rahul’s time will come later…
6 June, 2013,

7 battles better than Modi vs Rahul
The Gujarat CM has better opponents…
4 June, 2013,

Who is Pakistan’s biggest victim?
Tens of thousands have been killed…
24 May, 2013,

7 things that will hold the BJP back
They will gain seats in 2014, but how many?
23 May, 2013,

10 things that will bring the Congress down in 2014
Corruption, arrogance, leadership…
21 May, 2013,

Pak leadership change always bad news
India should be wary of Nawaz Sharif
14 May, 2013,

Mulayam: The biggest loser
The Centre has eluded him
16 April, 2013,

How social media will dictate the 2014 polls
Its indirect impact is more important
14 April, 2013,

Has the BJP finally turned the tide?
All anti-Modi dissent is vanishing
11 April, 2013,

The anti-rape agitation is a lifelong movement
Progress has been made and more is needed
08 April, 2013,

Open letter to Justice Katju
Is the Press Council chief neutral?
24 March, 2013,

The Modi battle is just hotting up
It will continue even if he becomes PM
17 March, 2013,

14 guffaws, misses, failures of Sushilkumar Shinde
Mr Foot in the mouth personified
14 March, 2013,

Give Cong a strong mandate & you’re in trouble!
They get arrogant, dictatorial and misgovern
25 February, 2013,

9 targets of Subramanian Swamy
21 February, 2013,

India’s long journey from the Left to the Right
And how the Internet has brought parity
19 February, 2013,

Manmohan: ‘Clean’ despite scams unlimited!
His Government has broken the record
18 February, 2013,

8 controversies involving defence chiefs
The latest being Choppergate
17 February, 2013,

What if Narendra Modi is innocent?
Modi-baiters have twisted the debate
11 February, 2013,

State or Society?: Who’s to blame for rising intolerance?
Govts give in to fringe groups
04 February, 2013,

Rahul the PM: Not just a tragedy, but a farce
He just doesn’t stand up to Modi
28 January, 2013,

Open letter to Rahul Gandhi
Or how his Chintan Shivir speech was a dud
25 January, 2013,

The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty: Fated to rule India
They always come back no matter what
23 January, 2013,

Modi is the BJP’s only hope
Time to make him a PM candidate
10 January, 2013,

Indo-Pak ties: We smile, they attack
We always get fooled by them
09 January, 2013,

India: The best and worst of 2012
Politics, sports, films…
30 December, 2012,

8 demands of the anti-rape protestors
Even as the government remains unmoved…
30 December, 2012,

Womanhood butchered from the cradle to the grave
It begins with the wish for a son…
29 December, 2012,

A note to the dented and painted Indian woman
If our politicians wrote an open letter…
27 December, 2012,

Theek Nahi Hai!: Open letter to Manmohan Singh
The PM gave a bland and insipid speech
24 December, 2012,

Long live the Indian Revolution!
The protests started in 2010
23 December, 2012,

Person of the year: The victim
She has led to an awakening in India
23 December, 2012,

8 things that Modi has triumphed against…
…despite all his detractors…
22 December, 2012,

Gujarat was lost in the Rajiv years
Modi has merely carried on
20 December, 2012,

6 factors that promote violence against women
India is still chauvinistic in nature
19 December, 2012,

Ten sound bites of 2012
They said all sorts of things
18 December, 2012,

Daffy Definitions of 2012…
They said it!
16 December, 2012,

You’re corrupt. I’m corrupt. We’re all corrupt!
India is seeped in it
13 December, 2012,

8 reasons why India can’t be a superpower
We still have a long way to go
11 December, 2012,

World: The best and worst of 2012
From Mitt to Malala
10 December, 2012,

2004: The year that destroyed India
A tale of Vajpayee, Naidu and Krishna
7 December, 2012,

2012: Obituaries of the year
Rajesh Khanna to Jaspal Bhatti
7 December, 2012,

The A to Z of Congress confrontations
They have been after everyone!
3 December, 2012,

From new to incumbent: A brief look at our political parties
As Kejriwal begins his journet
25 November, 2012

7 flop shows of Mamata Banerjee
Despite her historic 2011 victory
22 November, 2012

8 questions about the Kasab hanging
Why was it done in such haste?
22 November, 2012

From new to incumbent: A brief look at our political parties
As Kejriwal begins his journey
25 November, 2012

Tweeple will have to fight their own fight
The menace of Section 66A
20 November, 2012

8 reasons why people admired Bal Thackeray
He wasn’t a hypocrite
19 November, 2012

Eight failures of Bal Thackeray
For one he never became CM
18 November, 2012

Rahul Gandhi disappoints yet again
He is always “Coming soon”
16 November, 2012

Jethmalani: The Grand Old Rebel of India
He has been around for decades
9 November, 2012

Obama wins, but the world is still losing
His foreign policy is a mess
7 November, 2012

What is wrong with Rahul Gandhi?
He keeps making strange statements
5 November, 2012

Now jail is only a click away
The menace of Section 66A
3 November, 2012

Busting holy cows, Kejriwal style
He goes beyond the media
31 October, 2012

10 questions I’m dying to ask Sonia Gandhi
She gets away with everything
31 October, 2012

Another stale cabinet. Another fresh claim
Reshuffles don’t amount to much
29 October, 2012

So long and thanks for the laughs, Mr Ulta Pulta!
Jaspal Bhatti, R.I.P.
25 October, 2012

King Khan: A king for debut directors, too!
He has given so many breaks
25 October, 2012

Yash Chopra: The King of Versatility
He wasn’t just the King of Romance
24 October, 2012

TV news media: Modi’s biggest friend!
The more they attack him…
24 October, 2012

Arvind Kejriwal and the Right to Dream (Big)
The activist has made a great political beginning
19 October, 2012,

Swamy and Kejriwal beat investigative journalists
Media is lagging behind in this field
17 October, 2012,

7 lows of the Salman Khurshid press conference…
This is not expected of the Law Minister
14 October, 2012,

Strange are the ways of the Nobel Peace Prize
Did the EU really deserve it this year?
12 October, 2012,

I’m an Indian politician and I love talking nonsense
They get away with saying anything
12 October, 2012,

What if Big B had never existed?
An alternative reality…
09 October, 2012,

How to launch an Indian news channel…
They all follow the same predictable path
08 October, 2012,

Leadership from behind
India currently has an uninspiring troika
07 October, 2012,

Amitabh and India: A tale of parallel lives
Mirroring ups and downs over 40 years
05 October, 2012,

The A to Z of Amitabh Bachchan
Everything you wanted to know about the star
05 October, 2012,

7 contradictions of the global blasphemy protests
The demonstrators are harming their own cause
28 September, 2012,

It’s Modi versus Rahul in 2014
The voters will think along those lines
24 September, 2012,

Rising Islamophobia in Europe a worrying sign
The Clash of Civilizations?
20 September, 2012,

The Congress turns the tide…for now
It scores big for the economy
16 September, 2012,

Protest and make your enemies more powerful!
Benghazi, UPA and Modi…
14 September, 2012,

Post-9/11: Now our world is less safe
India is one of the countries that is affected
11 September, 2012,

Govt losing web battle due to Streisand effect
Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi’s arrest is ill-timed
10 September, 2012,

India Intolerance Incorporated
This at a time when we should be getting more tolerant
24 August, 2012,

Why the Congress will continue to be like that only
There is no alternative to the Congress
22 August, 2012,

Northeast exodus: Scotch those rumours fast!
There is no political will with the government
19 August, 2012,

Why Anna politics makes perfect sense
It would be a good idea for them to launch a party
03 August, 2012,

The A to Z of terrorism and India
The country has been reeling for decades now
24 July, 2012,

There’s nothing godly about the God particle
Important discovery, but hyped by media
05 July, 2012,

The dark side of the Olympics
All is not well with the mega event
04 July, 2012,

8 masterstrokes of Sonia Gandhi
She’s had a good run from 2004-12
02 July, 2012,

Get ready for 3-4 more years of turmoil
A lame duck UPA and looming Third Front
16 June 2012,

The world’s stupidest electorate
India has the strangest of voters
11 June 2012,

Why the corrupt get away in India
The very system supports graft
28 May 2012,

Congress: Getting it Left, Right and Centre
The opposition is coming from all sides
20 May 2012,

India desperately requires electoral reforms
Right to Recall/Reject, party accounting…
20 April 2012,

The most irritating, rude and arrogant spokespersons ever
The current Congress regime has broken all records
16 April 2012,

Can’t we solve the Kashmir problem by 2017?
Sometimes setting a deadline helps
11 April 2012,

When the Congress simply lost steam
2014 isn’t looking good at all
30 March 2012,

Mamata: A rebel without a cause
Her whole life has been one long rebellion
27 March 2012,

The A to Z of Anna Hazare
All you wanted to know about the social activist
25 March 2012,

Who will be the next Prime Minister of India?
Prediction is pretty difficult

09 March 2012,

Donkeys, dynasties and a forgetful electorate
The truth of democracy in India
07 March 2012,

UP results makes almost everyone happy
And the you’re worse than me mentality
06 March 2012,

Rahul Gandhi & Mayawati: Biggest losers of the season
Are mid-term polls now a reality?
06 March 2012,

10 years after Godhra: Let us not forget the other riots
Indian politics is by and large communal
27 February 2012,

Wanted: An IPL for every Indian sport
2012 is a key year for sports clubs
22 February 2012,

Why does Cong want to pick a fight with everybody?
Allies, civil society, Internet, States…
13 February 2012,

Is there any “clean” minister left in the UPA?
Collective responsibility means it should quit
03 February 2012,

10 contradictions of the Salman Rushdie controversy
Events at Jaipur Literature Festival were pointless
27 January 2012,

Open Letter to Anna Hazare…
Anna’s talent and charisma can come in handy in…
16 January 2012,

How America and India hate Internet democracy
Both governments are moving towards curbs
14 January 2012,

Coup in Pak could mean a war with India again
2012 will be a key year for the neighbours
13 January 2012,

Will Aadhar be just another white elephant?
The scheme is too ambitious for its own good
12 January 2012,

M for Megalomania, M for Maya
The EC is doing great in covering her statues
11 January 2012,

10 Indian sporting wishes for 2012
Multiple Olypmic Golds, WSH success…
09 January 2012,

Ten beginnings of 2011
Iraq peace, South Sudan, Djokovic era…
08 January 2012,

10 improbable (but possible) things that could happen in 2012
Manmohan Singh could become President of India
04 January 2012,

Nine random wishes for 2012
Like Anna Hazare finally moves on to something else…
02 January 2012,

9 scares of 2011
Mullaperiyar, Kudankulam, WikiLeaks, Economy…
01 January 2012,

2011 Columns

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December 2013 Status Updates

Subah ka bhoola agar shaam ko ghar waapis aa jaaye to use bhoola nahin votebank kahate hai.

Mera naam hai Robin Hood Kejriwal.
I charge extra from the middle class and give free water to the poor.

(December 31)

Caveat for 2014…
If you think that only a Prime Minister’s son can become Prime Minister, then you are in fact supporting the caste system.

Anna Hazare takes help of Congress to pass Lokpal.
Kumar Vishwas: Gaddaar!
Arvind Kejriwal takes help of Congress to become CM.
Kumar, Vishwasghaat?

They were walking away from government formation but the voters started singing…
Bekarar karke hame you na jaaiye, AAP ko hamari kasam laut aaiye.

In the 1960s the Congress wanted to install a gungi gudiya on the PM’s chair.
They finally sort of got their wish in 2004.

And Graeme Swann suddenly realized that he could no longer play international cricket in the presence of Sir Ravindra Jadeja and he decided to call it a day.

(December 23)

Moore’s Law: The number of transistors on ICs doubles every 2 years.
(Could reach its limit in 2014)
Congress’ Law: The size of our scams doubles tenfold every 5 years.
(Could also end in 2014)

Whom the Gods want to destroy politically, they pitch as a rival to Modi…
#Pappu #Advani #Nitish #Kejriwal

Boyzone: It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.
PappuBoyZone: It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your vote away.

Pappu gets out clean bowled.
At press conference he is asked how he is going to improve his batting.
Pappu’s answer: I know I didn’t hit a six!

(December 22)

It seems…
All Indian politicians have diplomatic immunity to protect them against all crimes committed on Indian soil.

Can everyone be wrong?
Maid–>Has FIR against her.
Devyani–>Wrong to have exploited maid.
US–>Wrong to strip search Devyani and stay arrogant.
India–>Wrong to have taken it lying down against US for so long.

Manmohan is an Economist who plays politics and a Politician who severely economizes on his vision, governance and strategy.

(December 21)

Developed country: When is 5G coming?
Developing country: When is 4G coming?
India: When is 3G scam coming?

Peter Principle: Everyone rises to his level of incompetence.
Politician Principle: Every leader rises way above his level of incompetence.

(December 20)

When he talks sense: Jairam Ramesh.
When he talks nonsense: jaiRAM RAMesh!

Every second day is celebrated by Pappu…
April 1, Children’s Day, Papa/Dadi/Pardada… birth/death anniversary, Mother’s Day…

Government + Opposition + Anna Hazare = Finally agree + Make law.
Arvind Kejriwal = Only dissent, probably saying, “I am the law”.

Advisor: Here’s presenting the Lokpal.
Indira Gandhi: It’s a grand idea, son.
Sonia: So the Lokpal is passed.
Same advisor: And it’s passed by her grandson, sniff!

Ikde tikde chohikade,
Fakta aahe Khobragade,
Ekach topic of the day,
Tyaala ghyun thokaayacha sagdi kade.

Secularism in three easy steps…
Step 1: Throw a stone at Narendra Modi.
Step 2: That stone will bounce back and hit you really hard.
Step 3: Congratulations! That hit now renders you secular!

Major decisions by AAP to the Delhi citizens.

(December 18 )

Congress announcing Pappu as the Prime Ministerial candidate will be the final knockout blow.
(Meaning the Congress will be knocked out, not the BJP)

(December 17)

Jab take rahega samosa main aloo,
Tab tak rahega Tamaasha-e-Laloo!

The Congress should rename their “Chintan Shivir” to “Chinta Shivir”.

(December 16)

Mahatma Gandhi’s last wish: Disband Congress.
Congress’ last wish: Disband India.

(December 15)

Section 377…
Pre-1947: Ctr-C + Ctr-V from England.
Post-1947: Don’t open file.
2009: Ctr-Delete.
2013: Ctr-Z.

(December 12)

Welcome to the Hotel Jailifornia,
Such a lovely place,
You can check in and out any time you like…

(December 7)

Q: What is this Rayal-Telangana?
A: It is nothing but a royal tel lagana to the fire that is already burning in the form of protests and discontent.

Voters to Assembly…
If you confuse us, then we will punish you by hanging you.

(December 5)

So today’s Delhi Assembly election is like an intense three-way fight between Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

(December 4)

Pappu campaigned in Bihar 2010, hit Chauka! (Congress got 4 Assembly seats)
UP, 2011: Hit Chakka! (They got 6 extra seats)
2014: Shatak maarega! (100 LS seats)

(December 3)

What Modi may have told Advani to convince him…
If you support me for PM in 2014, then I’ll support you for President in 2017.

Phases of Manmohan Singh…
1991: New Moon.
1996: Full Moon.
2004: New Moon.
2009: Full Moon.
2014: New Moon.
Full Moon=Light. New Moon=Darkness

Diggy Raja trashes the RSS.
Diggy Raja trashes the BJP.
Diggy Raja trashes Modi.
Diggy Raja trashes abc to xyz.
Bottomline: Diggy Raja is trash.

When a politician is caught, he’ll try a cover-up, cry conspiracy, try to run away, rubbish the media/victim, try to subvert the legal process and his skeletons will start tumbling out of the closet.
Oops sorry! Please replace “a Politician” with “Tejpal”!

(December 1)

© Sunil Rajguru

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