Congress down the ages…

∙ 1885-1947: Indian National Congress.
1947-64: Indian Nehru Congress.
1966-84: Indira National Congress.
1984-Now: Indian Nehru-Gandhi (Dynasty) Congress.

∙ Janata vs Congress…
Pre-1947: Congress vs British “Janata”.
1977-80: Congress vs “Janata” Party.
1989-96: Congress vs “Janata” Dal.
1998-2011: Congress vs Bharatiya “Janata” Party.
2011-Now: Congress vs Indian “Janata”.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Congress musings…

∙ Given enough time, Rahul Gandhi will claim the wheel was invented by the Congress while Diggy Raja will claim the dinosaurs were wiped out by the RSS.

∙ We believe in self-reliance: Congress, 1947.
We believe in Reliance: Congress, 2012.

∙ How to Spot who’s making the speech…
Crowds perplexed, can’t understand: Sonia Gandhi.
Crowds sleeping: Manmohan Singh.
Crowds amused, laughing: Rahul Gandhi.

∙ Every time Rahul Gandhi opens his mouth, Congress loses tens of thousands of votes.
That’s why Opposition will hope for polls in 2014 only.

∙ Rahul Gandhi will forever be No. 2.
His autobiography will be called Two Point Someone.

∙ The Gandhi pariwar are very uninteresting people.
Zero interest in everything it seems.

∙ If Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister, then he will be the George W Bush of India, a rare delight for cartoonists, satirists and humour writers.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Yet More Kejriwal Musings…

∙ Overheard…
Arvind Kejriwal: Ambani runs India, not MMS.
MMS: (Fumes, goes red in the face and screams) What slander Kejriwal! You are totally wrong! Everyone knows that Sonia runs India!

∙ Times started charging for coverage and it was called Paid News.
Kejriwal should now start charging media houses for his content: Reverse Paid News.

Kar lo duniya mutthi main: Old Reliance.
Kar liya (politicians ki) duniya mutthi main: New Reliance.

∙ And in other news, Cyclone Kejriwal continues to hit the political coast…

∙ At this rate soon the Congress will hold a press conference and complain: Arvind Kejriwal is running this country!

Ek hi scam allegation main Congress, BJP aur corporate (Reliance) ka naam.
Arvind Kejriwal’s Right to Equality.

∙ Everyone: Hah! Arvind Kejriwal! Old wine in new bottle!
Well, folks, Kejriwal is the only person in the country drinking wine it seems.

∙ No over-Reliance on either the Congress or BJP, vote for us: Arvind Kejriwal.Congress KLPD…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru