Whacky movie titles for Arvind Kejriwal’s party…

Arvind Kejriwal has launched the Aam Aadmi Party or AAP.

If the voters like the party: AAP Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage.

When the party takes an oath of office: AAP Ki Kasam.

Fans of the party: AAP Ke Deewane.

If the voters totally embrace the party: Hum Ho Gaye AAP Ke.

If the party wins the voter’s hearts: Yeh Dil AAP Ka Hua.

If a new political season comes from the party: AAP Aaye Bahaar Ayee.

If the voters are with the party: AAP Ke Saath.

The party’s internal Lokpal: AAP Ki Adalat.

If Kejriwal breaks his promises: AAP To Aise Na The!

If the party makes dumb decisions: Kya AAP Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?

Servants of the people: AAP Ki Sewa Main.

Theme song…

AAP jaise koi mere zindagi main aaye, to baat ban jaaye…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Knock Knock Jokes, India-England cricket series chapter…

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Cook who?
Cuckoo! Who’s the cuckoo now, eh?

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Dhoni who?
Don’ you think it’s time he started concentrating on the game and not on the pitch?

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Sachin who?
Such innings by other players would have retired them, but definitely not this fella!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru