More Assembly poll musings…

∙ The ABCD of Tamil Nadu politics…
B for BJP.
C for Congress.
D for DMK.
Key: Congress aur BJP gaye tel lene.
Hum log permanent A/D alternating current se hi kaam chala lenge.

∙ The Political Traffic Signal of West Bengal has turned Green.
But has the Development Traffic Signal just turned Red?

The Congress Election Campaign in Karnataka is poised to enter its fourth year next month.
The Centre may extend BSY’s term even after 5 years if he is not toppled by then.
(Hum usko gira ke hi rahenge… term expiry is not enough)
P.S. BSY has also emerged as India’s Most Trusted politician.
(Aur kisi ne itne Trust Votes survive kiye hai?)

© Sunil Rajguru