Ye dushmani hum nahin todenge…

Dedicated to Indo-Pak relations, please sing to the tune of Ye dosti hum nahin todenge from Sholay

Ye dushmani hum nahin todenge,
Todenge dam magar teri gardan na chhodenge.

Teri haar meri jeet, teri jeet meri haar,
Sun ae jhoothe yaar,
Tera gham kabhi ho na kam, jaayegi meri jaan ya teri jaan,
Aisa apna takraar.

Nukes se bhi khelenge, mauka to udalenge,
Danger pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge,
Tere har dushmano se dosti,
Ye dushmani hum nahin todenge.

Todenge dam magar,
Teri gardan na chhodenge.

Logon ko aate hain do Kashmir nazar magar,
Dekho do nahin,
Arre ho judaa ya khafa ae khuda hai dua,
Kashmir sirf hame mile…

Goli barood saath hai,
Marna jeena saath hai,
Saari zindagi,
Yeh dushmani hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar teri gardan na chhodenge…

This spoof by Sunil Rajguru

(Original song: Ye dosti, hum nahin chhodenge
Film: Sholay
Year: 1975)

April 2011 Status Updates

∙ Just because you want to make Brick plural, you use the word s.
Just because you want to make BRIC plural, you use South Africa?

(April 14)

∙ Tired of India winning the Corruption World Cup over and again, Anna Hazare throws a googly at the politicians…

(April 5)

∙ Lord of the Cups trilogy:
1983: The Fellowship of the Cup
1987&1996: The Twin Towers of Defeat
2011: Return of the Cup.

∙ No jinx jinxed enough for Dhoni to fix.

∙ Saare ICC rankings gaye tel lene!
We are world champions for the next four years!

∙ Prices will rise, politicians will philander, you too will get old and in cricket world cups, India will beat Pakistan, South Africa will choke, Australia and Sri Lanka will fight, the West Indies will crash and the minnows will always flatter to decieve.

‎∙ 1983: WC in England. 1985: Mini WC in Aus. 2002: Mini WC in Lanka. 2007: T20 WC in SA.

∙ 2011: WC in India! Finally tigers at home!

∙ The BCCI has foresight. No wonder we’ve been playing with Sri Lanka so much in the last two years. They knew the two would meet in the final and hence practice for that!

∙ Dhoni ko harana mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai!

∙ First Politician: How do we sort out all these scams, corruption, public backlashes…
Second Politician: Forget it! India has just won the world cup!

∙ New post-World Cup theme song:
Diya ghuma ke!

∙ The Cup of Vengeance!
1996 WC Semis defeat to SL: Avenged!
2003 WC Final loss to Aus: Avenged!
2007 WC loss to Bangla: Avenged
General losses to Pak: Avenged!
Losses to SA in 2011: SA avenged themselves!

‎∙ 28 years baad is banjar sookhi zameen par baarish hui ha.
World Cup monsoon aayo re!

∙ Bockbuster: Main Hoon Na!
Starring MS Dhoni as SRK and Piyush Chawla/S Sreesanth as Zayed Khan.
Ashwin: To Main Nahin Hoon Kya?
Who cares? They all won the World Cup!

(April 3)

∙ Will it Sachin get a second chance at being third time lucky?
(2×3=Sixth world cup appearance)

(April 1)

© Sunil Rajguru