Desperate co-incidences for the believers…

mahendra-singh-dhoni-5835730_1280India will win the 2011 cricket world cup because…

1. In 1983, Clive Lloyd was chasing his third world cup title as captain. That situation has repeated itself only in 2011 when Ricky Ponting is chasing his third title. Naturally, this time also India will play the spoiler.

2. The last time an Indian scored 175 against a minnow in a world cup (Kapil Dev 175*, Zimbabwe, 1983), we won the tournament.
This time Virender Sehwag scored 175 against Bangladesh.

3. Whenever captain MS Dhoni is about to win a global title, he effects a tie in the tournament. In the 2007 T20 WC, we tied against Pakistan. In the 2010 Champions League, Chennai Superkings tied against Victoria Bushrangers and won the title. In the 2011 WC, he has already tied a match against England.

4. For the first time ever, the final is in Mumbai. Mumbai is home to the great Sachin Tendulkar. And this is the last cup that Sachin will play. Looks like a divine setting and Sachin is God.

5. The Sub-continent Cycle Rule: From 1983-96, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka won the title once each. From 1999-2007, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were runners-up once each. Now India will begin the new round of the victory cycle from 2011.

ICC aur bagawat

Dhoni: Maine bola tha na, UDRS nahin chalega!

Dalmiya: Tune mujhe hi nahin, poore West Bengal ko lalkara hai.

BCCI: Pawarsaheb, tum us paar jaake badal gaye ho.

Pak: Mere country ko matches se kangal kiya. Mere players ko ban kiya. Chhodunga nahin!

Ireland: Hame 2015 se nikal diya? Le world cup record pe record…

Finance Dept: Suffer with UDRS, we cannot afford more technology like hot spot…

Manmohan: ICC head honcho sahab, aap hamare bhi ally ho na?

This Version by Sunil Rajguru

February 2011 Status Updates

• It takes Libya 42 years to realize Gaddafi is a bad & failed dictator? Wow!
(Egypt, less slow on the uptake: 30 years. Tunisia: 13 years)

• Can Kenya beat Pak?
(Well, that depends on how generous the bookies are and how much in financial need the players are…)

• Locally: Keeping up with the Joneses.
Globally: Keeping up with the Tunisians.

(February 23)

• Wanted: Scam Affairs Minister to manage questions, probes & procedures of so many scams. PM, spokesmen, Sibal & Co. clearly struggling.

(February 15)

Aadhi roti tave pe,
Aadhi roti hawa main,
Puri government tava pe,
Saara corruption hawa main.

(*Translation Note: Hawa=Spectrum)

(February 9)

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