Random Thoughts 1

· Yesterday: He is my Friend, Philosopher and Guide.
Today: He is my Friend, Follower and Connection.

· Women are from this Universe. Men are from one that is yet to be discovered.

· Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can buy your kids’ peace.

· A tooth for a tooth will only make all the dentists of the world very rich.

· First we used to turn to fiction to escape reality, so now why do we turn to Reality shows?

· Expenditure does not automatically rise to meet income, you make it rise, because you have nothing else better to do in life.

· I love wasting time. I feel so rich when I do it!

· They are not at all “Social” in any way and should be called Virtual Networking Sites.

· Some children’s clothes are priceless, 100% cotton, but the threads are synthetic. So on a full iron, they come out well, but the threads burn.

· I get so less salary that today my Inbox directed my Salary Slip to the Junk Mail folder!

© Sunil Rajguru

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