6 advantages of frequent power cuts…

candle-2038736_640• With the absence of the TV and computer, you are forced to adopt the reading habit. This and delayed flights may be factors leading to the increased sales of English writing books in India off late.

• Makes you more social: You are forced to interact with your neighbours on a more regular basis…

• While the world hosts Earth Hour annually, we Indians celebrate it about a 1000 times a year. Some places celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week. Some villages even celebrate Earth Decade.

• A welcome check on kids who watch non-stop TV or play computer games without a break.

• India consumes less power and is hence eco-friendlier than other countries.

• Savings on your power bill.

© Sunil Rajguru

5 thoughts on “6 advantages of frequent power cuts…

  1. nice sunil.., but it is better in future if you think different and the unexploited by many..,
    hope u best

  2. what will happen if all the countries in world would cut down power for a week (24×7)?????
    speek on:
    1) enviroment
    2)polution level
    3) rainfall.

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